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The Big DAWg™ has transformed the way I work from a clunky, tediously steady stream of technical challenges and roadblocks to an almost flawlessly creative workstation. I have everything I need and want loaded in and at my fingertips. I keep loading more and it seems totally fine with it. I haven’t yet found it’s limits. It seemingly laughs at the workload I give it. And then I laugh. Who doesn’t like to laugh?

Jack WallMulti-award-winning TV & game composer (Lost Planet 3, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Mass Effect, and Myst)

Absolutely loving the Big DAWg™!  Best investment in hardware I have made in a long time!  The system has been running extremely stable and I am getting an insane amount of performance out of it.   I have now consolidated three system into this single one, have loaded up around 42GB in the RAM for [viFrames] and the load generally hovers around 35%-45% during playback. That’s obviously not playing back all [viFrames] at the same time, but compared to what I got out of the old system it replaced, that’s mighty impressive.  Also, your service and support has been outstanding and people should know that about you.

All that to say that I am extremely pleased with the system and when opportunity presents I will push anyone I can get my hands on in your direction!

Jurgen BeckAward-winning composer for flim and digital media

The Road DAWg™ is a massively powerful open-ended musical machine.  There are no limits to what you can load into this virtual instrument host and what this instrument can provide for your creative desires.  With 32GB of RAM on board, I don’t think about my limitations with regards to instrumentation, effects, mastering, processing or anything that would restrict me from what I need to get done for my clients.  The Road DAWg™ keeps me focused on the sounds and the music and not the machinery.  It’s all about power and reliability.

Heavy Digital Audio has the most responsive and knowledgeable support teams that I’ve ever come across in all my years of touring.

Bill St. AmourBon Jovi / Bruce Springsteen / Paul McCartney Keyboard Technician

The Heavy Digital Audio guys have a wonderful product and are the best to work with.  They helped me replace 4 Macs with just one of their Big DAWgs™!  I’m extremely happy with their computer and it has completely exceeded my expectations.  I highly recommend them to any serious composer who needs a fast reliable computer.

Fred Emory SmithEmmy®-nominated Composer, Musician, co-founder Berklee Contemporary Symphony Orchestra

When writing music for large orchestras I need a huge palette of instruments with all articulations to create realistic mock ups. Before buying my Heavy Digital Audio Big DAWg™, I ran samples on my main DAW, had 3 slave computers (2 PCs/1 Mac), 4 audio interfaces, significant latency and serious memory limitations. The exceedingly fast Big DAWg™ loads hundreds of instruments in seconds, has freed me from owning superfluous gear and has never crashed.  My large palette is using less than 10% of the computer’s capability!

The only thing better than the Big DAWg™ is Heavy Digital Audio’s service. Not only are they responsible for creating the best sample player I’ve ever owned, they are experts at troubleshooting composers’ entire studios because the Big DAWg™ is made BY composers FOR composers.

Jason JohnsonFour-time Clio Award-winning composer & Creative Director at Stimmüng

Heavy Digital Audio’s specialized PCs are exceptional and are now the foundation of my workflow. Installation was transparent and accommodating and their technical support is second to none.

Ed ShearmurMulti-award winning film/TV composer and musician
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