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Built by Composers & Musicians


Simplicity, performance and reliability: This is our principle belief. We design and build our products with those attributes as our primary focus to help you achieve your ultimate goal, a goal we are intimately familiar with: The Deadline.

We are passionate in wanting to streamline and simplify the recording studio and stage.  As composers and musicians ourselves, we understand how time-consuming it is to learn, run and maintain all the gear you’ve acquired over the years.  Any new equipment obtained should simplify your workflow, increase the power of your system and be reliable.  We are driven in creating products in keeping with that philosophy.

We are a “hands on” organization and have closely-knit community of composers and techs. Being in communication with each other and on similar platforms allows us all to share important up-to-date information within this community.

Our Vision:

To help you streamline and simplify your system and workflow with powerful and reliable products in the studio and on stage.

Our Mission:

To enable composers and musicians to free themselves from the limitations of their current systems while providing them with the technology to easily access their sound libraries, simplify their creative process and allow them to focus on the music.  Technology is ever changing, but one constant remains: the need for superior and comprehensive support.  This is what we strive to provide.


bermanBruce Berman

Co-founder, Chief Technician, Designer

Born in Brooklyn, NY, a die-hard Yankees fan and baseball aficionado, Bruce moved to Los Angeles via Miami after having toured as a guitarist for artists including Tommy Shaw, Jaco Pastorius and KC & The Sunshine Band. Upon arriving in L.A., he quickly became a successful session player working for Mark Mothersbaugh, David Newman, and other top film composers.  Bruce began his composing career writing jingles for a long list of companies that include Budweiser, Michelin, Nissan, Nike, Purina, JCPenney and AT&T, then moved into the film and television realm, going on to write music for over 300 hours of network television, several feature films and TV movies.

Along the way, he was always updating his rig with the latest gear and technology, something he has a passion for. Bruce was constantly building and retrofitting his own equipment to make things run faster, better, and more efficiently.  A perfectionist and obsessed with quality, Bruce rebuilt and retrofitted his rig with the latest gear and technology, something about which he has always been passionate.  In 2005 Bruce designed and built two DAWs for himself which he named “Big Red” and “Big Blue.” In 2012, he set out to build the fastest and most powerful PC-based sample player/DAW he could conceive, made with the highest quality components that were available. That year he custom designed and built the same PC-samplers for an impressive list of over 35 Los Angeles-based A-list film and television composers. Later that year In 2012 he co-founded Heavy Digital Audio with Armen Chakmakian, his friend of over 20 years and fellow musician/composer, and the Big DAWg™ was born!

armenArmen Chakmakian

Co-founder, Product Development, Operations

A native of Los Angeles, mountain biker, foodie and LA sports fan, Armen is also an accomplished musician and composer.  His professional recording career began when he joined the GRAMMY® Award-winning band, Shadowfax as their keyboardist.  Soon after, he received his own GRAMMY® Award nomination with Shadowfax for Best New Age Album, Esperanto, for which he co-wrote many of the songs.  He has since then released two solo albums on his own record label, appeared on the hit European compilation CD series, Buddha-Bar and Buddha-Bar IV, and toured as a keyboardist for Cirque du Soleil in their flagship show, Saltimbanco.

Having played and toured with big productions, Armen was constantly streamlining, simplifying and perfecting his live rigs.  In 2007, he began to focus on composing for film and television and has written over 600 cues for TV, scored films and documentaries.  With the increasing demands for music and the need to streamline his studio rig and workflow, in 2012, Armen asked Bruce Berman to design and custom build him one of his state-of-the-art DAWs, becoming Bruce’s 4th client.  He was captivated with the machine and became determined to make it available to other composers and recording artists. Forging together Armen’s business creativity and drive with Bruce’s technical ability, they formed Heavy Digital Audio and the Big DAWg™ was born, and the process of developing powerful and innovative products began!

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